70+ Features to Manage Your Human Resources Efficiently

All the features you will need to handle your company’s HR functions.


Organization Management

Manage employees’ information, organizational structure, health insurance, etc. with AgileHRMS.

RemoteTrack Employee Monitoring

Recruitment & Hiring

Easily manage the hiring of new employees in your organization. You can create a hiring plan, interview candidates, or make a job offer.

Projects & Budgeting

Employee Lifecycle

Keep track of employees’ life stages in the organization. Onboard employees, manage employees' promotions, or exit from the company.



Manage attendance for on-site & remote employees with AgileHRMS.

Task Management

Shift Management

Schedule employees’ work time by assigning different shifts to employees. You can also allow automatic clock-in for shifts.

Client & Invoice

Leave Management

Manage employee leave policy, application, and leave encashment with AgileHRMS. You can also check extensive leave reports.

Team & Admin

Salary Payouts

Manage your company payroll with AgileHRMS. You can integrate payroll with timesheets, pay salary slips, and pay additional salaries.

Attendance & Leaves

Performance & Training

Evaluate employee performance with feedback and KRAs for the performance appraisal. You can also track training programs with feedback & results.

Field Service

Employee Tax

Manage employee tax declarations, deduction, and exemption calculation processes.

Reporting & Dashboard

Reports and Analytics

Check details of employees and other information at a glance with charts & graphs.

Payroll & Members

Benefits Administration

Manage extensive employee benefits and benefit applications.

Apps & Devices

Travel & Expense Management

Easily manage the business expenses of the employees. Manage expense claims and travel requests.

Organization Management

Manage employee information, organizational details, structure, health insurance, etc. with AgileHRMS.

timer auto

Employee Database for Record Keeping

Capture employees’ basic personal details, joining & contact information, and other professional details.

Timesheets views

Organization Records Management

Record employment type, branch, department, designation, and employee grade. 

Clock In out

Employee Group

Group employees based on their attributes. Specify Service Level Agreements for a group.

entry notes

Health Insurance

Save employee health insurance details and health insurance provider. Link the insurance information to the employees’ master.

Pomodoro Timer

Organizational Chart

Check the connections between employees inside the organizational structure. Check their designation, image, name & other information. 

Employee Recruitment

Manage all the steps of recruiting new employees to your organization, from creating a plan to interviewing and making a job offer.

Hiring employees

Project & member-wise view

Staffing Plan

Plan, estimate costs, and allocate budget for hiring new employees. 

Graph and tabular view

Job Opening

Create a record of the open job vacancies in your company. 

performance Comparison

Job Applicant Tracking

Create a Job Applicant and check their information or track their interviews.

Activity and productive time reports.

Interview Management

Define the type of interviews and set up interview rounds. Schedule Interviews and view them in the Calendar.

Weekly Report by email

Interview Feedback

Assess job applicant skills and rate them. You can also add general feedback.

Export report

Job Offer

Create Job offers for the job applicants with date, designation, and status. You can also enter terms and conditions.

Export report

Appointment Letter

Create an appointment letter from templates, with an introduction & closing statement.

Export report

Referral from Employees

Keep track of employee referrals and create additional salary for successful referrals of job applicants.

Employee Lifecycle

Keep track of employees going through various stages of employment in the organization. Keep simplified records of employees as they progress through the company.

Random computer screenshot every 10 minutes


Onboard employees with templates. Assign projects, and tasks and create employees from the job applicant.

Active & Neutral time analytics


Handle transfer of employees from one department/location to another place. You can also create a new employee ID, if applicable.

Project, task, and member-wise view


Include the promotion date and details and the new role for employees going through career advancement.

Support multiple monitors

Employee Skill Map

Keep track of employees’ skill sets for appraisal or replacement of outgoing employees.

Screenshot notes

Employee Separation

When an employee leaves the organization, you can start the separation process and complete activities from the list.

Apps Tracking

Exit Interview

Set the date, select interviewers, and update the status for the exit interview. You can also submit an interview summary.


Manage attendance for both remote and on-site employees with AgileHRMS.

Create & Assign Task

Mark Employee Attendance

Mark attendance of multiple employees, based on their branch or department.

Project-wise & Assignee-wise view

Upload Bulk Attendance

Upload attendance in bulk from a CSV file.

Task-wise time log

Attendance Request

Check employee requests, if attendance wasn’t marked. Employees can also request for attendance for the whole month or week.

Task-wise time log

Biometric Attendance Device Integration

Integrate a biometric device to log the check-in & check-out to AgileHRMS. Biometric punch/RFID entry logs will be pushed into the HRMS via API.

Shift Management

Allow employees flexibility or schedule work time by assigning different shifts to employees.

Project & Memberwise view

Manage Multiple Shifts

Create different types of shifts for your organization. You can set up auto attendance with late entry and early exit.

Daily, weekly & monthly schedule

Shift Request

Employees can request for a specific shift. Assigned approvers will be able to approve the shift requests.

Task-wise schedule

Shift Check-in

After shifts are assigned, employee check-in time will put the data to shift attendance.

Leave Management

Manage leave policy, application, and encashment with AgileHRMS. Check the leave report to get detailed insight.

Date & Member wise view

Multiple types of Leaves

Create multiple leave types based on max leaves allowed and applicabilities. Set up partially paid or leave without pay. Basic leave types are in the system by default.

Create  shift & Set Duration

Leave policy

Set up the amount of entitled leaves for employees. You can create multiple leave policies and assign multiple employees at once.

Daily Summary

Leave Encashment

Allow encashment on specific leave types. You can also set up an encashment threshold for them.

Edit & Delete shift

Holiday List

Create a holiday list with weekly and local holidays. You can also set up a holiday list for workstations.

Color-coded attendance status

Leave Application management

Assign leave approvers to approve leave requests from the employees. Employees will see a leave balance summary when applying for a leave.

Shift Clock In - Clock out

Compensatory Leave 

Keep a record of the work date and reason, when employees apply for a Compensatory Leave.

GPS Attendance

Leave Block List

You can stop employees from taking leave on certain dates. Enter the block date and reason when creating Leave Block List Dates.

Salary Payouts

Manage complex payroll structures with AgileHRMS. You can integrate with timesheets, create payroll entries, and also pay additional salary.

Employee GPS location monitoring

Payroll Management

Set up payroll period, income tax slabs, and salary structure. You can generate salary slips and log the salary payment.

Geofencing Attendance

Salary Structure Assignment

Create a salary structure with earning and deduction components. You can also structure employee salary based on the timesheet. You can also allow leave encashment and max benefits.

Track time on job location

Payroll Entry

Bulk process the employee payroll. Create salary slips and issue one payment entry to the bank to distribute the salary to every employee.

Project & Member-wise View

Additional Salary

Overwrite the salary structure amount to add or deduct ad hoc salary from any employee. You can also make it recurring to repeat this every month.

Location Notes

Employee Incentive & Retention Bonus

Motivate employees by offering incentives. You can select under which salary component you want to give this incentive.


Keep track of employee performance with appraisals and KRAs. You can also check the submitted feedbacks.

Active - Archived & Budgeted view

Appraisal Templates

Create templates for different designations or departments. Define the KRAs and Feedback Criteria for rating the employees.

Edit or Archive past projects

Appraisal Management

Manage all the processes in an appraisal cycle, based on the goal score, feedback, etc.

Project summary at a glance

Performance Feedback 

Capture feedback on employee’s performance. Reviewers will rate employees based on the criteria of the appraisal template.

Project Billing

Goals and KRA

Manage multiple goals and keep track of their progress. Archive or close goals if necessary.


Keep track of employee training programs/events, along with the results & feedback.

Create client profile

Training Program

Create training programs for training employees in specific skills. You can enter trainer & outside vendor information as well.

Active & Archive view.

Training Event

Schedule seminars, workshops, and conferences for employees. You can select event level, time, and location as well.

Add, edit, archive, and delete client profile.

Training Result

After the event is over, check employee training results and evaluations by the trainer. You can also check employee feedback.

Employee Tax

Simplify tax declarations and calculation processes. Manage tax exemption and other income sources as well.

Create teams & departments

Income Tax Slabs

Create income tax slabs based on the local progressive tax rates. You can also set specific conditions to apply those tax slabs. 

Roles and Permissions

Income Tax Deduction

Automatically deduct tax from employee salary based on tax slabs. AgileHRMS will take care of the exemption and other calculations.

Assign projects

Employee Tax Exemption 

Employees can declare the exemption amount and provide applicable proofs. You can also allow standard tax exemption without documents.

Add multiple organizations

Other Income Documents

To calculate total income tax liability, employees can submit their income from other sources. This document will be considered for income tax calculation.

Benefits Administration & Compensation

Keep employees happy by managing extensive employee benefits.

project, assignee & date-wise view

Benefit Application 

Give flexible benefits to employees as a lump-sum payment or pro-rata (proportional to salary). Employees can check the eligible amount and apply for the assigned component.

send payment (coming soon)

Benefit Claim

Employees can claim the amount as part of their next salary. You can also deduct tax for unclaimed employee benefits in payroll.

Team & admin manual time permission

Grievance management

Make employees heard with grievance reporting. Manage reports of employee grievances and discomforts with someone from or within the organization.

Travel & Expense Management

Keep track of business expenses in a streamlined system. Easily manage expense claims, travel requests, and vehicles.

Windows, Mac & Linux app

Expense Claim

Employees can assign documents, to notify the expense claim approver via email. Payment entries can be created for these expense claims, which will also update project costs for linked projects.

Automatic time tracking

Travel Request

Approve employees’ fund requests for official travel. Employees can mention the costs involved, along with the travel itinerary.

Clock in Shift


Allocate advances against future expenses. The expense approver can submit advance expense claims, as well as manage return amounts. 

Complete tasks & add notes

Fleet Management

Review expense claims and check vehicle logs of your fleet. Set up vehicle information details with odometer value and fuel information. You can also add other vehicle details and attributes.

Check Shift & Schedule

Vehicle Log

You can create vehicle logs for odometer readings, fuel expenses, and other details. These field and service expenses can be calculated for expense claims.

HR reports

Reports and Analytics

Check all the basic details of employees at a glance. Visual charts/graphs can help you understand the situation of each report clearly.

iOS and Android app

Leave Ledger Entry

Check all the leaves-related transactions simultaneously, including leave allocations, applications, and leave balance.

Track time from the mobile app

Salary Register

Check employees’ salary payment dates, and salary component breakdowns at a glance.

Clock In & Clock out from Apploye mobile app

Monthly Attendance Sheet

Check employee attendance for the whole month, including shifts. You can also opt for the summarized view.

Geofencing attendance

Shift Attendance

Check-In/Out time, total working hours, late entry/early exit, and other details can be checked from the shift attendance.

Employee GPS Tracking

Vehicle Expenses Report

Keep track of vehicle expenses with a singular monthly vehicle expenses report.


Employee Exits

Check the summary of employee exits with employee and interview details.

Pomodoro Timer

Bank Remittance Report

Keep track of bank transactions of payment entries for employees. Check the payment date and the amount.